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Commercial Propane

Propane is a cost effective energy source for commercial and industrial businesses. Restaurants, garages, retail establishments, and any of a multitude of commercial enterprises can benefit from the use of propane for heating, water heating, and cooking; the uses for propane our limitless.

In today’s non-regulated environment for the natural gas industry, many small to medium sized businesses find themselves paying large monthly bills to their gas utility during the spring, summer and fall even though they have little or no usage. This is due to the fees that the PSC have allowed Atlanta Gas Light to charge to provide all users gas service to their location. The commercial users of natural gas seem to be bearing an unusually heavy burden by paying $75, $100, $200 and even more per month during every month of the year.

If you are tired of paying these high monthly bills with little benefit, try Spalding Gas and propane where you only pay for what you use. Now through December 2006 there is no labor charge for a standard installation and conversion of your appliances plus the tank will be supplied at no rental fee! You only pay for the parts to convert your appliances.

You will save hundreds of dollars per year! Call any of our three offices for a FREE quote to convert to propane and Spalding Gas.