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Residential Propane

Propane gas is one of the world’s most versatile fuels. It is safe, clean, reliable, and a good value. Propane’s versatility, convenience and availability make it the perfect fuel for your home.  You can use propane for heating your home, cooking, water heating, outdoor living, and more.  And no other fuel can provide the comfort, efficiency and affordability of propane.

For reliable, dependable propane service, Spalding Gas is the area’s best choice! With a selection of delivery and payment plans available, Spalding Gas is the only call you need to make for your propane needs.


Click here for a pdf brochure regarding propane safety for you and your family.

Delivery Plans

Automatic Route Delivery

The most worry-free and cost-effective delivery system for a propane customer is Automatic Route Delivery. Hicksgas uses a state of the art tracking system that monitors weather conditions and then calculates your individual gas usage to determine when your tank needs to be filled.  You don’t have to worry about watching your tank gauge … that is our job.

Will Call Service

Spalding Gas also provides Will Call service for those customers who want to monitor their own propane usage.  As a Will Call customer you are responsible for calling us to have propane delivered.  We require a 5 working day notice for delivery, so please let us know when the tank gets to about 30% full. Special trip charges and other fees may be incurred if a Will Call customer has an out of gas situation, or if we have to make a special trip to accommodate their fill. The best way for a customer to avoid extra charges is to be on Automatic Route Delivery … let Spalding Gas take care of the worries.

After Hours Delivery:
Spalding Gas has emergency personnel on call 24 hours a day when the weather would put your family or property at risk due to low temperatures. If you run out of propane, call our main office telephone number (770-228-8484) and it will be forwarded to our “On Call” delivery staff.  If you are a Will Call customer, out-of-gas and special delivery fees will apply.

Payment Plans

Budget Payment Plan:

The most hassle free payment plan we offer is budget billing. We will calculate your estimated gas usage for the year and you make an even payment for 11 months. The 12th month your estimated usage is reconciled with your actual usage. Your account is then credited or billed based on that calculation.

This convenient plan allows customers to more easily budget for their energy costs. This payment option works in conjunction with Automatic Route Delivery, so you don’t have to worry about special trip charges or out of gas situations. Plus, you are eligible for our prompt-payment discount if you make your budget payments on time.

Non-budget, pay-as-you-go customers will receive a meter ticket invoice at the time of delivery and a statement at the end of each month. Pay-As-You-Go customers are eligible for the prompt payment discount, if their delivery is paid by cash or check within 15 days.

Contract/Pre-Purchase Plans:
Spalding Gas offers a propane pre-purchase program each year, allowing customers to reserve a specified amount of propane at a fixed price.

Cash on Delivery:
Each delivery may be paid when delivered.

Direct Payments: Especially useful for customers using the Budget Pay Plan. You don’t have to remember to send a check in each month because we just debit your checking account for the monthly payment amount.  It only takes a few minutes to set up, and eliminates payment hassles.